6 tips for a successful implementation of cross-selling

8 Nov

As announced in the article „Cross Selling – Das Henne-Ei-Problem“ I made further research to find out if there exists any formula for success of the implementation of cross-selling.
In my research I found many many articles about cross-selling techniques and what you should consider before starting cross-selling.

In the following you find an outline of the most important tips for effective cross-selling:

1. Never cross-sell for the sake of cross-selling

You should not sell additional products or services only to fatten up the invoice. If you try to sell your customers a product, which they don‘t really need, they might feel pushed and exploited and loose trust in your company.
So always think about the benefit for your customers first! What additional products or services could they need? You can use past purchase history to find out…

2. Follow your instincts

Many cross-selling opportunities arise naturally. If you for example sell bikes, your customers might also need a helmet, special tires or other equipment. This kind of cross-selling is called up-selling. You can also broaden your product range and sell additional sports equipment, like tennis racquets, football shoes and basket balls.

3. Stay relevant

If you overload your customers with too many products that are not related, it is almost impossible for a client to see in what you‘re really good at. Decision making gets harder and you might loose the focus on your core business.
Most of the times costumers will accept cross-selling of related products better and faster.

4. Ask Questions

Keep asking questions like „Is there anything else I can do for you today?“ and „Do you need anything else, that goes with this product?“ If you pay attention to your client’s wishes you might develop an understanding for their objectives and needs.

5. Offer product or service bundles

Offer discounts for cross-selling packages. It saves a lot of money on marketing, packaging and delivery, and is perceived as an „extra“ by your customers (might become a competitive advantage if there are no followers).

6. Right Timing is important

You have to choose the right moment to propose additional products. If the customer is not yet convinced to buy product 1 you should not swamp him with products 2, 3 and 4 that might fit to the first one. Also try to adress your client personnally and use expressions like „YOU might also be interested in our offerings of product 2, 3 and 4“ or „Do YOU want to see products 2, 3 and 4 which fit to product 1?“ rather than „WE recommend…“ or „WE suggest…“

To sum it all up, one can say that it is most important to put customers needs first and not to drag them to buy anything. Put yourself into the position of your own client, this might help you to really understand their objectives.


4 Antworten to “6 tips for a successful implementation of cross-selling”

  1. coffeeinabox November 8, 2010 um 1:47 pm #

    „always think about the benefit for your customers first“:
    It’s not just a „problem“ on cross-selling. It should lead entrepreneurs in every way!

    4.& Comment:
    fast and short businesses are not persistent! In every business!

  2. Danny November 8, 2010 um 6:30 pm #

    Hi Lena. Good article. I’m only missing the expression: adding value for the customer. In the perspective of a business man, it should always be the target to make the customer feel, that he gets more for his money. Adding value is the key to success. That is why Apple can set higher prices than there competitors, because they add a special value for the customer.
    There is also an interesting clip on you tube. Have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vFPhaCfkLU&feature=related


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