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6 tips for a successful implementation of cross-selling

8 Nov

As announced in the article „Cross Selling – Das Henne-Ei-Problem“ I made further research to find out if there exists any formula for success of the implementation of cross-selling.
In my research I found many many articles about cross-selling techniques and what you should consider before starting cross-selling.

In the following you find an outline of the most important tips for effective cross-selling:

1. Never cross-sell for the sake of cross-selling

You should not sell additional products or services only to fatten up the invoice. If you try to sell your customers a product, which they don‘t really need, they might feel pushed and exploited and loose trust in your company.
So always think about the benefit for your customers first! What additional products or services could they need? You can use past purchase history to find out… Weiterlesen